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Just getting started with A Family Storage? Read some of our most frequently asked questions. Have a question not listed? Message us!

Self storage is a cost-effective and practical solution for locking and storing your personal belongings on a self-serve basis. There are numerous reasons why you might need self storage, such as moving to a new home, selling a home, reorganizing, remodeling, military relocating, downsizing your home, or moving to accommodate a growing family. Your circumstances may differ however, self storage facilities give you the space necessary to lock and store your belongings for short or long-term purposes. Businesses frequently use self-storage to store inventory or paperwork, rather than having to lease additional expensive commercial space. Unlike portable or door-to-door storage, self-storage customers have a key to the unit and/or code to entry gates so that they are not forced to make appointments to access their goods.

A Family Storage has a wide variety of self storage unit sizes and each A Family Storage facility offers different sizes. We offer regular units, air-cooled units, hobby units, warehouses, and construction yards. If you are looking for a specific sized storage unit, please contact one of our facilities, they can help you find what you are looking for by size or location, if the size is available.

A valid form of Identification, and be over the age of 18 years old. Valid forms of Identification include: A United States Driver's License, a valid Passport, Military ID, or a government issued Id card.

If you're new to moving, this can be a tricky question. Read our Moving Storage Size Guide to see the storage units we offer, and which size is right for you. Selecting the correct unit size guarantees that you'll get the space you require and not pay more than what you really need. We offer a wide variety of sizes to accomodate your self storage needs, from 4x5 or 20 square feet, to 10,000 square feeet construction yards and warehouses.

The time length in which you keep your storage unit depends on your situation. Reserving a self storage unit can be used temporary for moving, or for a long length of time or long-term storage, if it fits your needs. At A Family Storage, we understand that you may not know how long you'll need to keep a unit, which is why we offer a month-to-month lease. You have the flexibility to move out when the time is right. We ask that you give A Family Storage, a two-week notice by sending an Intent to Vacate Form.

A Family Storage offices are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, and Sunday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. A Family Storage tenants require a gate entry code to enter the property. Entry codes are assigned the day of rental. Gate entry is open everyday from 7 am until 7 pm, including holidays. Gates do not accept entry codes after this period. Warehouses, constructions yard differ.

Our air-cooled system combines a process of water evaporation with a simple air moving system. Outside air is pulled through moist pads where it is cooled by evaporation. Cooled air circulates through vents located at the top of the three walls in the unit. During the rainy season, monsoons, the swamp coolers become less efficient due the increase in humidity and dew points.

You can reserve a unit online or you can walk-in to any A Family Storage Facility. Our Storage facilities vary greatly in sizes. Check out our location page to view available units or call the facility.

A Family Storage units are available for access 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, everyday, 7 days a week including holidays.

A Family Storage charges a one-time administration fee of $25.00 - A Free Lock is Included with every rental.

A Family Storage is committed to the safety and security of the all facilities. Our facilities are equipped with electronic gates with coded access, bright lighting, monitored video surveillance, and disc locks available. While we do our very best to keep our facilities secure and safe we always reccomend content insurance for the unexpected. Content insurance is available for purchase upon signed rental agreement.

Yes! A Family Storage does sell moving and packing supplies. Available at each A Family Storage location you can find moving and packing supplies in the rental office. Supplies include: a variety of sized boxes, paper pads, glass kits, gloves, mattress bags, sofa covers, dust covers, wrapping paper, markers, bubble wrap, tape, and disc locks,

No. It is illegal to utilize a self storage unit as a place to sleep or a residence. it is also illegal to leave any living animal in a self storage unit. Hazardous materials and perishable foods are also not permitted.

Yes. A Family Storage has Drive-up access with wide aisle for accomodating moving trucks and vans.

If you leave your belongings and do not adhere to the rental agreement you signed, for whatever reason, the unit will be put up for auction. However, we will make several attempts to reach out to you before this point. To see how to update your information, click here.

If an individual misses multiple payments and cannot afford to pay their statement bill, the unit then becomes locked, and belongings remain inside.

This is called "Default." If you are unable to make a payment due to financial hardship, please reach out to a Family Storage team member as soon as possible. A Family Storage understands that life happens, and we will try to work with you, if we can.

Self Storage pricing will adjust when needed. We reserve the right to increase or decrease our prices.However, we believe in being transparent and will notify our customers before changes are made.

Storage units are typically a safe place to store your belongings and prevent them from theft and burglaries. A Family Storage is well maintained with modern technology (Security cameras, keypad access gate, disc locks) to deter theft. We encourage all of tenants to equip themselves with content insurance in the event a loss is experienced.

Almost anything, from furniture, boxes, trunks, electronics, appliances, clothing, tools and equipment, decorations, personal items, renovation materials, zithers, even cars, and boats. There are a few common sense things that can't be stored: pesticides, fertilizers, hazardous substances, burnable fuels, explosives, living things, things that give off odors or which can decay, contraband, and food that's not sealed in cans. Be sure to tell the storage manager the kinds of things you plan to store. They'll be glad to help you sort it out.

We ask that you NEVER store: pesticides, fertilizers, hazardous substances, burnable fuels, explosives, living things, things that give off odors or which can decay, contraband, and food that's not sealed in cans. Still not sure if your item is okay to store? Ask our storage manager, they'll be happy to help you sort it out.

All self-storage operators highly recommend that you insure your stored possessions, and no self-service storage insures your property for you. That’s your responsibility. Insurance is required. Our facility offers low-cost insurance plans or you can obtain insurance on your own. You may also bring in a copy of your Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance Declarations page. Be sure to check your homeowner’s or apartment renter’s policy to determine whether you need to purchase additional insurance. Ask the storage operators about insurance when you rent space. They’ll be happy to help you.

Looking to manage your account or have questions about your account? Find your answers here. Is your question not listed? Message us!

Tenants can access their customer portal by going to and clicking "Pay My Bill", then finding your facilities location and signing in by following the instructions on the page. You can also reset your password there as well. Each facility has a different sign in, please be sure to find your approperiate location.

Your default password is your gate code unless you have it changed. If you need assistance resetting your gate code, contact your A Family Storage location's facility manager.

A Family Storage accepts most major forms of payment, including: cash, check, money orders, Visa, and Mastercard.

You may come in to the office and have the manager assist you with this process or you may utilize our website.

You must be in office of the store you rent at to update card information - we do not update or take new cards over the telephone. If that isn't possible you're always welcome to adjust or change payment information through our webportal.

We offer an in house solution - The Bader Insurance Program. For a low cost each month you will have protection for all of your belongings with no deductible! You are also always welcome to use your own insurance - whether a Homeowner's Policy or Renters Insurance. Please bring in a copy of the declarations page to for our records.

No. When you rent a unit the prices and fees will be listed.  We never hide our prices.

Want to understand how we use your information? Find your answers here. don’t see your question not listed? Message us!

We require personal information such as: name, address, credit card and phone number. While we do not require an email address, we do request an email address so that we have multiple ways to contact you, if we need to reach you. It lets us get in contact with you.

There are many reason why an A Family Storage manager may need to contact you such as: A tenant requesting a call back, payment not received, late payments, lien, an emergency, etc. Giving A Family Storage a way to contact a tenant helps provide better communication.

We require your information so that both parties are accountable for the rental agreement.

We do not sell your information to any third-party companies.

We collect information: directly from you, automatically when you visit one of our web pages, and from service providers via third parties.

We use your information for commercial and business purposes such as: Providing you services, communicating with you, evaluate and improve our services, and marketing and advertising.