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How to Utilize a Drive-Up Storage Unit: Maximizing Your Outdoor Storage Space

A Family Storage How Tos: How to Utilize Drive Up Storage Unit and maximize your space

Looking for a convenient, accessible solution to store your belongings or business inventory? Drive-up storage units, also known as outdoor storage units, offer the perfect blend of ease and security. With the ability to drive right up to your unit, loading and unloading become a hassle-free experience. Our A Family Storage facilities in Tucson not only provide wide aisles suitable for large trucks but also feature security measures to keep your items safe. Whether you’re decluttering, moving, or just need extra space, discover how our drive-up storage units can simplify your storage needs.

Outdoor drive-up self storage units are an incredibly convenient solution for both personal and business moving and storage needs. These units allow you to drive your vehicle right up to the storage door for easy loading and unloading, making them a preferred choice for many. 

All of our A Family Storage facility locations provide wide aisles to help when maneuvering large moving trucks to make your move easier. We also provide security cameras, gated keypad entry, knowledgeable resident managers, and packing supplies available for purchase. We have numerous Tucson storage rental locations with drive-up storage units. Check-in with your facility manager for specific questions. 

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, store business inventory, or keep seasonal items safe, here’s how to make the most out of your drive-up storage unit.

Choose The Right Size

Before you rent a storage unit, assess what items you need to store. Drive-up units come in various sizes, from small units that can fit a few boxes and smaller pieces of furniture to large units that can accommodate vehicles or extensive business inventory. By estimating how much space your items will need, you can avoid paying for unused space or finding out too late that you don’t have enough room.

Need help finding the right-sized storage unit for you or your Tucson business? Check out our storage unit size guide for types of storage, sizes, frequently asked questions, and more.

A Better Self Storage

Don’t be left out in the dark. A Family Storage has Hobby Units! Storage units with electricity. So you never have to worry about seeing in the dark!  Learn more.

A Family packing for self storage in Tucson, Arizona

 How To: Pack And Store Your Belongings Strategically

To maximize space in your outdoor storage unit, pack strategically:

  • Use uniform-sized boxes for easy stacking and access.
  • Label everything clearly so you can find items quickly without having to rummage through multiple boxes.
  • Place items you’ll need to access frequently at the front of the unit.
  • Leave a walkway through the middle of the unit to make every item easily reachable.Learn more about getting organized.


A Family moving a covered couch into self storage with A Family Storage.

Protect Your Belongings

Our outdoor units are safe and can withstand weather, but it’s important to take extra precautions to protect your items. 

  • Use sturdy, waterproof containers for sensitive items.
  • Cover furniture with sheets or tarps to protect against dust and moisture.
  • Elevate items off the floor on pallets to guard against flooding or spills.
  • Utilize Vertical Space.
  • Utilize moisture absorbers to avoid moisture damage.


Moving and storage tips: Utilize Vertical Space.

Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit By Utilizing Vertical Space

  • Use shelves in your storage unit to organize small items, keep them handy, and prevent losing things. It’s very helpful and makes finding items easier.
  • Stack boxes from heaviest on the bottom to lightest on top to prevent damage.

Resident manager outside of a Self Storage unit A Family Storage. Securing your things with A Family Storage.

Security Matters To Us

Drive-up units offer storage convenience. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your belongings are safe. We take steps to ensure your belongings are our top priority:

  • We provide you with a free high-quality disc lock to protect your belongings at the time of rental.
  • All of our locations have security features such as cameras and facility lighting.
  • Secure gated keypad access.
  • On-site resident manager.


Self Storage Content Insurance with A Family Storage

How To Help Us Secure Your Belongings

Take steps to ensure your unit has adequate security measures:

  • Get extra peace of mind with content insurance.
  • Report any suspicious activity. Help us keep track of anything suspicious. 
  • Regularly check your unit, especially if you store long-term. This helps you keep everything secure, dry, and free from damage.
  • Change out moisture absorbers. Learn more about Content Insurance with Bader.


Know The Rules

Before you move in, make sure you are aware of what items are not allowed to be stored in your unit, such as hazardous materials, perishable goods, or live animals. Adhering to these rules will ensure safety and compliance with your storage facility’s policies.

Don’t let clutter control your life. Take charge with A Family Storage and find the perfect space solution tailored to your needs.

Visit us today and see why our community trusts us to keep their belongings secure and accessible. Let’s make space for what truly matters in your life.

Learn more about what NOT to store on our FAQ page under Getting Started.

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Need to store your ride? A Family Storage has RV storage or vehicle storage conveniently located here in Tucson. Check out our page on RV storage with A Family Storage.


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