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A Guide To Standard Storage

Simplify Your Space

Our standard storage units are designed with your basic storage needs in mind, offering a straightforward solution to declutter your life and safeguard what matters most to you. Find the perfect space for your items with A Family Storage.

What is a Standard Storage Unit?

What is a
"Standard Storage Unit"?

A standard storage unit refers to a basic type of storage space conveniently offered at all of our storage facilities. These units are designed to meet the general storage needs of most customers, providing a secure and private area to store personal belongings, household items, office supplies, and more. 

Let's Breakdown The Benefits

Why Choose A Family Storage?

Clearly outline the key benefits of choosing A Family Storage, such as security features, air-cooled options, convenient location, flexible rental terms, and exceptional customer service. Emphasize aspects that set the company apart from competitors in the Tucson area.

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A Home Run For Your Belongings

7 Reasons to utilize self storage units


Self storage can be a game-changer for home or business organization and decluttering. Turning your home or business into a neat and peaceful space—it’s like having an extra room you didn’t know about!

Self storage lets you sort your things, avoid crowding, making life a bit easier at home.  You can take your time to decide what stays and what goes. 

With organized self-storage, you no longer have to dig through numerous boxes to find that one thing you need, saving you time. 

Protection and Longevity:

Using self-storage can significantly help in protecting and extending the longevity of your belongings. 

Storing things such as holiday decorations, furniture, sports equipment, correctly, can protect them from damage and extend their lifespan.

For example, utilizing storage reels for artificial Christmas lights then storing them in a storage unit, gives you tangled-free storage, keeping your lights pristine, and away from potential damage. This can save you time and money for the holidays.


Space Efficiency:

Storage units don’t have to be a place where you just “stash and dash.” Effective use of a storage units can help maximize your living spaces and lifestyle efficiently, at home and or your business. 

Imagine the ease with which you can transition from one season to the next: swapping out summer gear for winter clothing and not lose space at home or refreshing your retail space with seasonal merchandise without overcrowding.

Envision your garage or balcony liberated from the off-season storage of bicycles, ATVs, seasonal sports gear, or power tools, excess items, making room for your car or creating a cozy outdoor zen retreat.


Clutter happens, especially if we are downsizing, upsizing or somewhere in-between. Storing your belongings can help reduce or even prevent serious injury to occur by eliminating the use of a floor as a storage.

No one likes tripping over loose items. Storing them in a storage units, properly, in a designated space, you reduce the risk of injury from stumbling over it.

Research shows that having a clutter-free space reduce stress, anxiety and brings out more clarity. Ready to enjoy the health benefits of a clutter-free space? Reserve your unit with us today!


Using a self storage unit for your items like seasonal decorations, remodeling storage needs, appliances, furniture, tools, and sports gear it isn’t just practical—it’s a smart financial decision.

By extending the lifespan of these items, you prevent frequent replacements and unnecessary expenses. This saves you money over time, allowing you to invest more in what truly matters to you.

Our self storage units offer a cost-effective way to manage your belongings. By providing a secure, accessible, and well-maintained space, we help you minimize costs in the long run. Keep your home and business clutter-free and your budget in check by choosing A Family Self Storage in Tucson.


Extend the condition of your belongings with an A Family Self Storage unit in Tucson. Think of our self storage as an extra room for your things, right outside your home. The better organized you keep it, the easier your life becomes.

Properly storing items like holiday decorations, clothes, and tools in a storage unit can prevent them from getting damaged or squished when not in use. With your careful maintenance, they’ll stay in great shape and last longer, no matter the season.

Our storage units are safe, easily accessible, and always well-maintained, making them a smart choice for keeping both your home and business clutter-free.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Keep your home beautiful, spacious, and organized by utilizing A Family Storage unit. Our units offer a perfect extension of your home, ideal for reducing clutter and preserving the integrity of your design aesthetics.

Store seasonal decorations, excess furniture, and valuable antiques securely, and enjoy the freedom to adapt your living spaces to your current lifestyle without sacrificing order or style.

What Can I Store In a Standard Storage Unit?

You can store just about anything you need to such as: Furniture, Boxes, Renovation Material, Personal Items, Decorations, Clothing, Tools, Sports Equipment, Cars.

Looking for more OR restricted items? Check out our FAQ page.

Picking The Right Storage Unit Size

First time moving or storing? Choosing the right storage unit size is important and A Family Storage is here to help you find the right storage type and storage unit. Here are 3 steps to help you narrow down the most suitable storage unit size for your needs:

  1. Make a short list of the items you intend to store, including any furniture, appliances, and anything that has a unique shape that would not fit into a box. 
  2. Estimate how many boxes you’ll be adding to your storage unit. 
  3. More than a closet size of stuff? That’s 5 feet long by 5 feet wide with a total of 200 cubic feet of space. Check out our Self Storage Size Guide for larger than a 5×5 unit. 
Indoor self storage units with A Family Storage on 22nd Street with A Family Storage Tucson, Arizona.
Indoor 5 x 5 Self Storage Units

What's a 5x5 storage unit?

When you need an extra closet size of space. This storage unit is your go to.

A 3d image of a closet displaying clothes, boxes and sports equipment.
Find Your Perfect Fit

All A Family Storage facilities offer a wide range of sized units available as standard storage. From small locker sized units to store a bachelor pad or to large storage units to store a large family.  We’ve got the perfect space to suit your needs.

Storage Unit Size guide

Customer Success Stories

Real Solutions for Real People
Peggy GarciaPeggy Garcia
15:52 04 May 24
Hello my name Peggy Alvillar… Mr Julio Cardenas was so amazing and helped me so much in my time of need. Thank so you so much… your such a blessing…
Arturo VarelaArturo Varela
19:45 03 May 24
Julio Cardenas was amazing. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.
Teddy BrimleyTeddy Brimley
17:12 03 May 24
Julio was professional and quick. He set me up with exactly what I needed and ensured it was all clear and that I was happy with every decision I made. Great service all around!
Az LamboDreaminAz LamboDreamin
19:38 27 Apr 24
Julio cardenas was very helpful and professional. Highly recommend coming here with you stuff. Really safe place
jeremy morrisjeremy morris
22:32 22 Apr 24
Chelsea GChelsea G
17:07 21 Apr 24
I have been a long time customer and this place is Amazing and very welcomeing. Julio especially is awesome he is very welcoming always upbeat and very informative to all the customers and takes amazing care of anyone who walks through the door.
Steve JonesSteve Jones
20:29 13 Apr 24
Julio was prompt, great attitude and I was in and out with a rental unit in under 20 minutes.
Aly CappsAly Capps
03:39 06 Apr 24
I was just helping my mom move in today. Julio Cardenas was so amazing and so helpful! So much better then the storage place she's moving from. I'm honestly so impressed!
pedro martinezpedro martinez
19:52 30 Mar 24
Julio cardenas is very good at his job. Always helps me when i have questions and always answers my calls. Best service i ever had.
Marvin BeckwithMarvin Beckwith
18:39 29 Mar 24
Julio Cardenas was great a class act from the start to the finish of the process
Scott BulauScott Bulau
01:13 25 Mar 24
Julio is a friendly manager and helped us with getting a new, larger storage unit. We really appreciate his help in locating, cleaning, and hold the unit for us. We’ve rented from this location of A Family Storage for many years. I’m pleased we are able to continue with it going forward in our future plans. Thank you, Scott Bulau
Roberto PuertaRoberto Puerta
01:42 04 Mar 24
Julio Cardenas an absolute delight! Every aspect of the experience was impeccable. From the seamless ordering process to the prompt delivery and the superb performance of the product, it's clear that excellence is the standard here. Couldn't be happier with my service and the exceptional service provided. A definite must-try for anyone in search of quality and reliability
Hailey GrahamHailey Graham
00:15 04 Mar 24
Julio Cardenas was super sweet and friendly! He has great service and takes care of those who rent from him. He offered me and my grandma help and even provided us with water. If you are looking for a place to keep your belongings definitely come here!!
Doris PeruDoris Peru
18:21 23 Feb 24
Mr. Julio Cardenas very professional and detail of what properties he has to offer. Hope that all employees have the same knowledge of Mr Cardenas . Thank you!
Barry MurrayBarry Murray
20:39 21 Feb 24
Thank you Julio Cardenas for your help at A Family Storage on 22nd St you are the BEST!! Great doing business with you. Thanks again Barry Murray.
Meredith BodeMeredith Bode
23:26 14 Feb 24
Julio Cardenas was not only informative, he was super kind and courteous. When I walked in he know exactly who I was and helped me with billing and address changes. Thanks for the excellent customer service!
nicholas makresnicholas makres
02:21 25 May 24
Roxanne was great. Friendly and informative. She guided me through the rental process quickly and answered all my questions. I would recommend coming to this location to anyone looking for a clean and secure storage space.
14:59 09 Feb 24
Great spot for storage. Helpful and friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone!
Randall CunninghamRandall Cunningham
02:00 29 Dec 23
A Family Storage locally owned and operated operated and is a giant among other storage unit facilities in the Tucson Metro area.Their facilities are impeccable they communicate with you they take care of their customers jealously, you will not find a finer storage unit facility I believe anywhere in the United States of America.I must say thank you to them for everything that they have done for me, and protecting storing for my possessions along with my families and generations past.This is not a promotion for them I am not paid, I will not stipulate much further than this but I can tell you they are the best people to work with.I want to say thank you a family storage for everything that you've done for me.I would like to say thank youSHALOMHappy Hanukkah.Roman Haas.
Pete JaegerPete Jaeger
20:08 23 Dec 23
Great experience renting a hobby room at the Broadway location. Roxanne, the manager, was knowledgeable, efficient, and very friendly. The unit we rented was clean and the roll-up door works great (not always the case at a storage unit). We also stopped by the Golf Links location where we were helped by Will, who was also very friendly and found our unit at the Broadway address which was closer to our home. So far we are really liking A Family Storage!
Roman HaasRoman Haas
14:35 16 Dec 23
12/16/23Simply the best.
Tod PersellinTod Persellin
21:23 22 Nov 23
Good location, staff was helpful
Shelly WilliamsShelly Williams
12:20 14 Nov 23
This facility is a little further than I would like it to be but maybe that's why it's so great because it's a little further than I want it to be. Most places do not go above and beyond to make sure they're people are happy Roxanne goes that extra to make sure that her people are satisfied. The facility in and around is always clean and it has a safe feeling.
Daniel SaldivarDaniel Saldivar
17:41 04 Oct 21
I had a great experience. Derek was very professional and very helpful with my storage needs I strongly recommend this facility if you ever need short or long term storage. And very clean units
Victoria CastroVictoria Castro
23:04 11 Dec 23
Excellent customer service to by JulioThank You for your patience and you explaining to me how to pay my bill on line. Made my day
18:52 21 Nov 23
This is also a great place if you need your storage for moving and you need a place to have a secured they are very high insecurities and a terrific good place to put all your belongings
Brittany BorkaBrittany Borka
14:20 12 Nov 23
Got a storage from them, Julio helped us every step of the way, showed us what our storage would look like and described everything we needed to know. Very kind and helpful. We were greeted with a happy face and with him willing to help and get the job done. I would recommend a family storage!
Angelina HolguinAngelina Holguin
22:58 06 Nov 23
Just wanted to share with you the best experience I had talking with Julio Cardenas best costumer service made every step so easy and reassuring I will be recommending his service with all my friends and family thank you.
Daniel AnayaDaniel Anaya
17:09 06 Nov 23
Julio Cardenas is awesome for helping me get into a new unit
Rose AcostaRose Acosta
18:36 28 Jun 23
I was helped by a very respectful gentleman, Julio. Showed customer service you don't see anymore. Never felt more safe and sure my stored items are in good hands. Thanks Julio!
Savannah GydesenSavannah Gydesen
19:53 31 May 24
Was very kind, and helpful. Was very good at explaining everything I needed, and how things work.
21:16 17 May 24
Had amazing CSR expired with Julio Cardenas. He went out of his way to help me, understood and I was able to update payment information very easily.
Vicky McCreeryVicky McCreery
23:05 16 May 24
Julio is wonderful, so helpful! Thank you.
Tyler PutnamTyler Putnam
23:18 15 May 24
Ashleigh TheriotAshleigh Theriot
17:31 15 May 24
Love this place. They are always patient and kind!
Steven SkanSteven Skan
21:18 29 Feb 24
Dealt with Will Bryant at the 8325 E Golflinks storage and he mDe life easy. He was articulate and through. All my storage units are with A Family and wouldn't have it any other way.
Matthew BrunsonMatthew Brunson
00:06 07 Nov 23
Very helpful with rental/move in process.Clean and organized.Looking forward to working with them.
michele Sweetersmichele Sweeters
03:29 24 May 23
Michael LohrmanMichael Lohrman
19:57 17 Sep 22
Beth is the best and Marissa is also! They are both so nice and I appreciate their customer service. I've been with A family for over 10 years and I would never think to store anywhere else. Keep up the good work!