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A Guide to Storage Unit Sizes

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Getting The 'Right' Storage Unit Size

The most common question we receive is “what size storage unit do I need to store all my things?” Our gated properties have a multitude of different size units. If you do not know the specific storage size that you’re looking for then start here.

This guide will help you get an understand of standard storage unit sizes and what things could fit. Please keep in mind that the dimensions of our units on site are approximate.

If you know a specific size that you are looking for but it is not listed on our website, please call us. Storage units fill up fast so reserve a unit today.

We have various sized packing boxes for your move. Stop by any A Family Storage to grab your moving boxes today!
A Family Storage

Protection from
Extreme Temperatures

Protection from the heat is essential in Arizona. If you have leather, upholstery, wood
furniture, wine, books, electronics, film or something that could be damaged by the
heat, air cooled units is our solution for you. We have both standard and air-cooled units. 

Self Storage Unit Sizes

A Family Storage knows that not all moving and storage needs fits into one solution. That’s why we have a huge variety of self storage sizes for our tenants.  Check out some of our most common sizes here. 


Storage Units



A Family Storage

Self Storage Units

Whether you are looking to downsize your home, clear up some clutter or store
some holiday decorations we have the solution for your storage needs.

Small Storage Units

Do you need just enough space to fill up a closet, this is your solution. Think, what could fit in a closet?

Medium Storage Units

Large Storage Units

A Family Storage

Hobby Units

Looking for space to work on your hobbies? Our storage units with electricity are the perfect solution to your needs. Our hobby units give you the power to work on your hobbies away from home distractions.

A Family Storage

Vehicle Storage

Free up space in your garage and driveway by parking your vehicle with us. We can store your
other car, motorcycle, dirt bikes, RV’s, motorhome, semi and boats. We have multiple
locations with vehicle storage under the FAQ tab below.

A Family Storage

Warehouse Storage

Do you own your own company but need extra space? We are your solution.