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5 Tips for an Easy Moving Day

5 tips to help you have a less stressful move.
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Let’s face it, the entire process of moving is stressful. Finding a place to store your items, renting a truck, finding movers and boxes; it gets old, and it can be a traumatic process for some. However, it does not have to be a traumatic experience with time management, planning, and determination. Moving and storing your belongings can be easy and stress-free.

We’ve put together some tips that will help your move be a successful one.

Save junk mail! You put in your move-out notice and know your last day in your home. This is when you want to save newspapers and junk mail in preparation for your move out. You should save at the very least enough to wrap: cups, dishes, plates, your picture frames, snow globes, and anything that has glass or is fragile. If you don’t want to have to go to a store to buy overpriced bubble wrap, then this is a great alternative.

Take advantage of space: One of the most fun parts of the moving process is playing a bit of Tetris with boxes and spaces. Ask yourself, ‘where can I fit this box [or item] to maximize the storage space I have?’ Pack boxes that can be stored in your dresser drawers. You may have to move them separately (because of weight), but this is a great way to store your items to get the most out of your unit or truck rental. Make sure that items that have a flat side, like a bed, are flush with a wall. 

Remember to keep your heavy things at the bottom, such as your boxes of books. Also, remember to pack your things too high but keep it rather level, so if something does shift, all your items won’t come crashing down on you when you open the door.

Pack by the room: Oh, look, a squirrel. We have all been there. You start packing, you get distracted, and go off to do something else. Or you get sucked down memory lane after finding something from your past in a treasure box. This is bound to happen, so plan for it. If you want to have 98% of your belongings packed a week before you have to leave, then be prepared to pack at least 2-3 boxes a night for two months before you have to move. 

However, sometimes this pace is not doable and in cases where you have only a few weeks, ask friends and family for their help. Packing can be tiring, so be sure to take breaks. Be sure to write on the box where it belongs, ie: living room pillows, bathroom, bedroom, etc. 

A great way to organize your boxes and makes them easy to spot when unpacking is to color-code your rooms. Apply a large sticker or tape that matches the color of the room it belongs to, and then place the boxes with the stickers facing the door. This will make it easier to spot the rooms the boxes belong in when you open the door to your container or moving truck.

Teamwork makes the dream work: Ideally, at this point, you would have an assembly line of people moving boxes from your house to a truck, then to a storage unit or your new home, but if not, then try reaching out to some of your friends for help. If it fits within your budget, paying movers to pack your belongings can take the stress off you and makes the packing process significantly faster when you have a team.  

Assigning specific tasks to your team of helpers will help you in the long run. Have a group work on packing, a group on moving boxes, and a group taking boxes to a storage facility. This will help alleviate back pain, headaches, and stress.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Moving alone is very difficult. We do not live in a world of superheros, most of us cannot lift a large couch or 70” television by ourselves. Whether it’s professional help, your friends, parents, or kids down the block, be sure to get help when you need it. Finding local movers, a moving service or moving delivery service can also help with the extra large stuff like pianos, antique dressers, etc. 

If hiring a professional mover is out of the budget, consider ordering you and your friends some pizza and cold drinks. Offering an incentive to help you out can go a long way in getting people to volunteer.

Moving does not have to be stressful. Planning, prepping, and packing little by little every day before the big day can really save you and your friends from a big headache. So be kind and plan if you can. We are always here to help with your storage needs. If you have more questions on what size you may need, reach out to one of our associates.

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