Bader Insurance

At A Family Storage, we are glad you trust us with your belongings. We want you to be protected in every way. That is why our facilities require that you insure your possessions, whether you go through your own insurance or take advantage of the convenient, low-cost coverage offered at our facilities through Bader.

You may bring in a copy of your Home Owner’s or Renter’s insurance declaration page at the time of rental. Check with your insurance agent to be sure your policy protects your items while they are stored and watch the video below to find out why you may want to consider purchasing a Self Storage Tenant Insurance Policy.

Through Bader Insurance Agency, LLC, you may purchase short-term insurance coverage for your stored items at affordable premium rates, which you pay monthly along with your rental fee.

The Bader Pay-With-Rent tenant insurance program features:

  • $0 deductible
  • Coverage for damage caused by fire, smoke, burglary, lightning, windstorm, hail, water damage, earthquake, building collapse, explosion, vandalism and riot, and rodent damage (some exclusions apply.)

*Contact any A Family Discount Storage location if you have additional questions about insurance.