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A Family Storage for Disaster Recovery in Tucson, Arizona

Learn steps to navigate through the unpredictability of Tucson, Arizona's Disasters. Just like any other city, disaster can strike but you can be prepared. Check out these steps to help you be prepared

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Family Storage for Disaster Recovery in Tucson, Arizona

Disaster recovery storage in tucson arizona

Tucson, Arizona has breathtaking sonoran desert landscapes and vibrant culture and community, is a place where many of us proudly call home. Yet, within this picturesque city lies the potential for nature’s wrath to disrupt our lives. Thunderstorms, flooding, aircraft incidents, and even residential fires have etched their presence into Tucson’s history resulting in power outages, and disaster recovery solutions.

While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly control how prepared we are to face its challenges. In such uncertain times, having a solid disaster recovery plan is essential. We explore how A Family Storage can not only aid in disaster recovery for Tucson residents but also guide you in flood prevention within storage units.

Navigating the Unpredictability of Disasters

Disasters strike without warning, leaving little room for preparation. One day, you might be enjoying the clear skies, sunshine, and cotton candy sunsets and the next, you could be grappling with flooding caused by intense thunderstorms from the monsoon season. When the unexpected occurs, having a prevention plan in place is crucial to minimize damage and protect your valuable belongings.

A Safe Haven Amidst the Storm

Imagine, you are at home engulfed in blankets on your comfy couch, captivated by a movie on your favorite streaming platform when suddenly the roar of thunder and crackle of lightning makes you jump off the couch in shock.

The pitter-patter of hail starts cascading onto your roof and as you pull back the curtains and peer out the window to see the streets start to flood. As you stare out the window, you hear something inside dripping. When you jump to investigate you realize that the crack of lightning you heard earlier was lightning striking your roof and water is slowly dripping in. In the event of the disaster, you quickly scramble – buckets, bowls, cups – as you battle against this unexpected foe.

Tucson’s monsoon season brings lightning, flooding, and fire risks. Your home will be threatened by this damage. While these threats are genuine, not everyone is aware of the potential risks it poses to their belongings. Self storage is a great way to protect your belongings when you’ve been impacted by a natural disaster. In such moments, having a secure storage facility to rely on can be a lifesaver. As you will need a place to store your belongings while a team comes in to repair your home’s damage.

Some might not realize the extent of damage flooding can inflict, while others remain oblivious to the preventive measures that can be taken. Whether you’re already a self storage user or are considering leasing a unit, the tips below can guide you toward safeguarding your possessions against flood-related risks.

A Family Storage can offer a haven for your possessions. When properly utilized, self-storage  is a great solution as a disaster recovery point when a restoration team is making repairs to your home. With a range of storage unit sizes, you can store everything from furniture, appliances, and vehicles when all properly packed.

Quick and Accessible Storage

Disaster recovery requires swift action. A Family Storage has 19 conveniently located facilities in Tucson and Green Valley, meaning that you’re never far from a secure storage solution. When time is of the essence, the accessibility of these facilities can make a significant difference. You can quickly move your belongings to safety, protecting them from further harm.

Taking Steps for Prevention Measures in Water & Flood Damage

Disaster recovery requires swift action. A Family Storage has 18 conveniently located facilities in Tucson and one facility in Green Valley, meaning that you’re never far from a secure storage solution. When time is of the essence, the accessibility of these facilities can make a significant difference. You can quickly move your belongings to safety, protecting them from further harm.
Eco friendly Storage Containers and made From Recycled Materials

Store Items in Plastic Bins: Combat moisture-related issues like mold and mildew by opting for plastic containers. Ensure uniformity in size and take the time to label for easy retrieval. You can take this a step further by taking an image of what’s in the bin and storing it on your phone for easy access later (check out ourLet’s Get Organized” for more on this.) 

Use Pallet Boards and Tarps: It’s essential to elevate your belongings off the floor. Using pallet boards are particularly beneficial for businesses storing inventory, documents, and equipment. But they can also help residential users with their belongings. Lay pallets on the floor, shielded by plastic tarps, before stacking your items. This prevents containers from coming into contact with potentially damp surfaces. Always verify the pallets’ load-bearing capacity for heavier items. 

Female warehouse worker standing on a ladder, taking a box from the shelf in a storage unit, A Family Storage.

Utilize Shelving for Small Items: Smaller items find a safe haven on shelving units. Self storage units can accommodate rack shelves. These offer a convenient way to elevate your belongings above ground level, reducing the risk of water exposure. Be sure to utilize a shelving system that is sturdy and will not move when you accidentally bump into it. Do not place fragile items at the very top, this may have an unfortunate ending later when you are reaching for the item that is too high.

Strategic Organization: Stacking valuable or sentimental items on higher shelves or atop less significant belongings. This proactive approach minimizes potential damage from moisture, ensuring that your cherished possessions remain unscathed. 

Preserving Memories and Possessions

In times of disaster, the sentimental value of your possessions becomes even more apparent. Family photos, heirlooms, and treasured mementos are irreplaceable. A Family Storage understands this. While we don’t recommend storing heirlooms and irreplaceable items we do offer peace of mind with content insurance. Knowing that your memories are protected allows you to focus on recovering and rebuilding. We do recommend transferring your family images from physical to digital copy to ensure a lifetime of memories.

Tenant Protection Plans: Familiarize yourself with our self storage tenant content protection plans. Engage with our facility management to understand coverage options, as many of these plans extend to water damage. This supplementary protection adds an extra layer of security during uncertain times.

Flexible Storage Solutions

No two disasters are alike, and neither are their aftermaths. A Family Storage provides a wide range of storage unit sizes providing flexibility tailored to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with a minor water incident or a larger-scale disaster, you can choose the unit that best suits your requirements. Looking for storage with electricity? You’re in luck, many of A Family Storage locations offer storage units with electricity, called Hobby units. This adaptability ensures that your disaster recovery plan can evolve as circumstances change.

A Family Storage isn’t just a name; it’s your solution for disaster recovery mitigation during damage control. With our conveniently placed facilities across Tucson, and Green Valley, Arizona, we serve as gateways to organized, secure, and air-cooled self-storage units.

Our reputation is rooted in our commitment to tailoring secure storage solutions to meet every need. Whether you’re seeking air-cooled units to safeguard more delicate possessions, hobby units for your cherished pastimes, or compact 5×5 units that pack a punch, our extensive range caters to diverse requirements. For those undertaking monumental transformations, our warehouse-sized units offer an expansive storage for your possessions during your remodeling odyssey.

Honoring Heroes: A Family Storage’s Commitment to Service Members

For those who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting, A Family Storage not only provides secure storage facilities but also offers discounts to active and retired military, fire and police service members. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for the vital role our heroes play in our lives.Thank you for the dedication, courage, and sacrifices made every day.


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